R+L Truckload Services is dedicated to a collaborative approach to finding the right supply chain solution to maximize value for our customers. Our team of highly trained intermodal account executives deals directly with premium rail service providers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. This gives you direct access to multiple service options, competitive long haul transit choices, cost savings opportunities and alternative capacity.

What is Intermodal?
  • Reduces operating cost and fuel usage
  • Combats capacity issues due to CSA and hour of service regulations
  • Increases transportation savings
  • Greener way to ship: every train utilized takes 280 trucks off the road
  • Reduces companies' carbon footprints on a daily basis
  • Rail transport offers a set schedule for a more predictable supply chain solution
  • Offers inbound and outbound transportation options in all major markets

For a rate quote email Rail@rltruckload.com or call 877-510-9133.